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A woman discovers that catastrophic events somehow connected with serious mental collapse that suffers.

Gloria (Anne Hathaway) and drink more parties. get enough of her boyfriend and threw it out.
Gloria returns to his hometown to make the dreams of a new beginning, but revived his childhood friendship with Oscar (Jason Sudeikis), runs the bar. After drinking all night with Oscar and his friends, he wakes up to discover giant rampaging monster travésSeoulac realize that the monster issomehow linked to it.

ColossalGloria is abandoned by her boyfriend because he could no more parties and their drinking. He returns to his hometown, Gloria revives his childhood friendship with Oscar, will bar. all night with Oscar and his friends after drinking, watching Gloria and found that giant monster rampaging through Seoul. It also begins to realize that the monster somehow verbundenmit it.

Language: English

Classification: NA

General Release Date: April 6, 2017

genre:Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Duration: Not available

Sales: TGV Photos

Starring: Anne Hathaway, Dan Stevens, Austin Stowell, Tim Blake Nelson

Director: Nacho Vigalondo

Type: 2D

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