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Kodi XBMC Jarvis 16

Kodi XBMC Jarvis 16

Kodi (formerly known as XBMC) – this is a media center with a very good source code is freely open, which calls itself “the hub of a high-definition” for each type of media.

a complete multimedia hub for your PC

because hynffynhonnell open, Cody has been modified by multiple users to make Plex, Kodi ordered a starting point, which was built plex. The one you want depends on what you want in the Media Center, but Kodi – the opponent is quite nice, easy to use, sleek communityand those interested podderzhivaemyyBolshim.

Kodi suitable for everything from watching movies and listening to music streaming TV. Everything was presented very well, and clearly inspired by Kodi Apple TV to how it looks and feels. Kodi works well iawnfel standard media player, although it is much better if you use it as a complete home entertainment center for your needs. Kodi kontrolterpencil and support a large number of keyboard shortcuts, and feel nastoyaschimrazvlekatelny center.

YnMaeby Kodi interface with a high degree of consistency, which means it can be very different depending on the type of leather used. Confluence is used by default, so it will welcome you with the installation, but you may want to change other rywbethun, using some skin here. Some of them are really slippery.

Easy to set up and import your collection or streaming media

petunjuksederhana to build KodiV ymreolaetholchwaraewr or streaming videothrough the network. You can stream media from anywhere in the house or directly from the Internet using almost all of the available protocols. For example, it can play CD-Kodi and DVDs directly from the disk image neuffeil, the most popular video format on your hard disk and even the mail and files in RAR.

Kodi also scans all files and automatically create a personal library with cover art medialengkap, fanartom.Nakonets description, function playlists and photo slideshows, weather forecastsand features many audio visualizations. In general, it may seem a little navigation is not intuitive at times – especially if you’re using Apple TV – but it is something that you will soon get used to.

multimedia ardderchogcanolfan

Kodi – media center is great, but if you do not want to go on his shift, plex could be a better alternative.

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