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Lifelong friends Willie (Morgan Freeman), Joe (Maykal Keyn) and Al (Alan Arkin) has decided contrary to retirement and step right track for the first time in their lives when their corporate pension accident. Desperate to pay the bills and get through their family, three men risk everything by initiating daring adventure to hit the coast on the run with their money.

Desperate to pay bills and get by their relatives, three lifelong friends riskuvatvsichkirhag commencing bold attempt to knock off the run with geldje.Start the movie from 1979 directed by Martin Brest and which includes Dzhordzh Barns, Lee Strasberg and art Karni. Three elderly people living check to check that the Social Security or even reduced to dog food to eat from time to time, decide they have had enough van.Dus rob to go, do not even know how to handle a gun! A social commentary on aging Americaã what we sometimes act, because of the circumstances.

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