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After suffering the grief of the family, Mack Phillips spiral into depression led them to question their deepest convictions. Facing a crisis of faith, he received pismomisteriozen Encourage abandoned house in desert Oregon. Despite his doubts, Mack visited the Lodge and meetingthe enigmatic trio of aliens led by a woman named Dad. Through this meeting, Mack found the key to change the understanding of grief and change their lives forever.

A man bersedihmenerima mystery is invited to meet in the area, after the kidnapping and death assumeyour daughter Mackenzie Allen Phillips, Missy, Mack received the letter and suspect that it comes from God to return to the hut that Missy can not be killed. After consideration, he came out of his house to go naKoliba for the first time since her abduction, and the meeting will change their lives forever.

severaldeals with different cultures their growth merekahubungan.

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