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Fernbus Simulator 2016

Fernbus Simulator 2016

This is the first simulation of the popular German autobahn of intercity buses. In collaboration with the independent FlixBus simulator, Fernbus Coach is designed to show in minute detail the daily life of a German road vehicle / highway driver as it implementsNavigation in more than 40 cities. Using the Fernbus simulator, you can experience the life that has been lived every day by a modern and large MAN Lions Coach / Bus long distance enhancedriver.

How it works

Approximately km of the route network FlixBusGerman, as well as more than 40 German citiesWere modeled. For individualTour is not very long, the simulator time is set to pass on a scale of 1:10. You can navigate a complex network of roads and autobahns of various bus stations located in more than 40 cities, staying in constant communication with your coach / coach staff. Accidents, traffic jams and construction sitesChallenge your role as a bus driver if you want to keep a schedule.


MAN buses are equipped with all the functionality found in the original Cabs on both the external and internal bus, modeled on the smallest details. Offers a simulator Fernbus withA realistic environment with original and authentic passenger announcements. The bus simulator was tested and optimized for real driving instructors and bus drivers.

European Bus Simulator 2012, you drive through the fictional city of Freyfurt. This is a simulator, and moMayroon will beObserve laws, rest periods, sell tickets to passengers and be at the appointed time. In addition to the 32-bit conversion, there is a 64-bit version

Launch the European Bus Simulator 2012, you can walk to the bus station, choose your bus, and then check out the controls.There is a tutorial in which you will find all the controls and shortcuts. Freifurt has 450 stops scattered through its streets, more than six city districts, such activities as school jogging for performances. You can create customroutes in an integrated editor.

Driving- this is what you expect. Buses are big and clunky to drive, and following the path of another movement always causes great concern. If you like to ride a bus, you will like the European Bus Simulator 2012, but, despite the improved graphics, it’s still a game that does notLacks character. There is no reason for the simulator to be dry and weightless.

With a lot of bus parts in the European bus simulator of 2012, right down to the air conditioning adjustment, so it’s fun if you aysa such a thing. More casual fansBuses may face the problem of a bus simulator in 2012, and they lack the pleasure.

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