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Namebench 1.3

Namebench 1.3

You may not know, but you can choose to change the services that you want to change on your browser to the IP number, valid Internet coordinate.

This is not something most consumers think about, but it’s incredible what a difference it can make changes to DNS servers.
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Mighty Google has recently started a service, so how do you know if that’s right? Namebench can tell you.

DiCukup uploads the file and executes it, and it will open hebgosod Namebench. Choose whether you want to enter the global (likeGoogle DNS) and local DNS services, data sources (probably Firefox) and selection of metric data.

If it means something for you – do not worry! All you really want to do is press a button you start criterion, and will start Namebench. The test can take any time to leave Dianda is about your business. The results will appear in your default web browser as a page of charts and tables. It ynwych if you are interested in the details, but it can be confusing to newcomersbe. Fortunately, at the top you will simply say whether you are available to you with the fastest service.

Namebench A neat app, the address may not be a problem for menyadari. Spectrasonics Keyscape full Download Free Namun, does not mean helping if you want to change your DNS server after the test. As you leave on your own.

Use Namebench to see if you have a fastest service-You can significantly speed up your Internet experience!


The ability to download and share your results online

demonstrasiDNSVersion of server and node names in HTML output (mouse over)

Work graphical interface

Switch speed fast / slow for medical examination

New data sets available (updated Alexa, loss of closet, closet hits, closet mix)

Direct input of pcapffeiliau generated by end tcp and Wireshark.

PemeriksaanKisaran includingOARC port

Updated server list

Updated libraries (dnspython, Jinja2)

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