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Nitro PDF Reader 3

Nitro PDF Reader 3

Nitro PDF Reader is a useful PDF editor that covers all the major tasks that most people present on a daily basis with PDF format.

With Nitro PDF Reader, you can not only read PDF files on your computer but also be edited in many ways: it can explain PDF documents, pasteNotes and accent, transverse or highlight a specific text. Nitro PDF Reader Plus also lets you remove all images in PDF or save all text within PDF in plain text, remove all for formatting and edit gwneudyn more easily.

Another great featureinNitro PDF Reader is a virtual printer, you can convert any PDF document as it is provided that the application you use to open it has print capabilities. All you have to do is select the print option and choose the Nitro PDF format printer.

NitroPDF Reader includesThe interface designed well makes the program a pleasure to use. Plus the program seems to have solved the problems that affected gynharachfersiynau instability, so there really is no reason why I should not give it a try!

Nitro PDF Reader is afully functional PDF reader with annotation tools,Graphical and text extractors, and a special tool for converting documents to PDF.



QuickSign is now easier thanks to the intuitive QuickSign profile creation guidelines

A PDF version can be selected when documents have to be adhered toTo certain standards (PDF,


Crash reporter to submit PDF files for testing and engineering teams to identify the fastest

Catastrophe cause

Improve installation optimization and complete the installationin two stages less

A Windows Vista / 7 file browser is used as a native FileExplorer to locate and open files

Resolved issues

Print settings Comments do not keep values ​​Sylwpan size unit type

Changes during unit and grid options

PrintOutlook Calendar creates a PDF file with colors improperly marked as busy for daysOr


Unicode characters that are not properly displayed in Nitros tabs of documents

PowerPoint links in text boxesand grouped with other people ignore when elements

Conversion contactsenabled

ViewMy is on the top-chwithcornel comments regardless of where the pointer of theMouse

Several errors for specific documents in this release

  • Nitro PDF Reader 3 32bit-64bit Download

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