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Youtubers Life

Youtubers Life

Youtube life U- play online life a tycoon simulation / tycoon excellent where the player aims video blogger has been editing videos, attracting fans and the accumulation of wealth in the process said.Players can customize characters from a variety of options for good. Players can simulate live real Youtube because their conference record, gaming, shopping and classic service management tasks everyday while learning skills to manage time!

BecauseYouTuberkar’yera not easy!

Life spelersYoutubers system can process all from start to finish, and publish their work online. The process of editing video on demand now experience more exciting!Players can get their favorite games online, they will be sent in the form of print, and then continue to take the game. Record video and presentation can be designed to allow players with ambition to becomevydatnohovideo World blogger. The player begins his career as a blog video in parents of him, and to join afmakenwerk school and family and keep my mother’s happy, trying to increaseand visit their hits.

Life for video

Restless blogger Long live video, presented in Youtube life is not just about recording video collection blog followers, hits and conversation.Youtube learn the value of life from ekranu.U game, players put movie premieres and launch of the release of the game, while the rest of the parties, clubs and even yachts luxury, when success comes around.Players can make new friends, climbing plants and even find a partner of their lives as they make their way through the game.

Specifications and requirements

inWindows, the game will run on older machines are still running Windows XP, and storage of the next iteration Windows.3 MB free, and 2GB of RAM. Graphics 512MB of RAM to support GeForceNVIDIA. In Apple’s Mac OS, 2 GHz or faster processor and 3MBOf storage space with 2 GB RAM. In both systems, Windows and Mac game’s better to have 16: 9 resolution.

Life experience a Youtube!

This game works well, he is not the end of it can be used easily and playzruchnymi more. The game is really fun and addictive, but it can be repeated, but this is a feature common simulation / strategy sperm that appeal to audience target for this type of game.Charming family characteristics increase the attractiveness of the game and financial management skills that can help the growth of the great digital future. So do not hesitate to download Youtube life today.

  • Youtubers Life Windows XP/7/8 download

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