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Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 19

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 19

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Multilingual (x86 / x64)

the video editing software. Your movies look their best from every angle, and Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate power of multiple cameras to a new editor. View and edit footage from up to six cameras, and image alignment automatikozvuk.Lesno dialogue and narration sounds duplication of lower background to avoid the new audio.

Take each editing project reliability thanks to 64-bit-rate, unlimited-track frame accurate editing4K, HD and 3D, and wide format support, among others, are creating DVCPROHD KSAVC decoding decoding, and support for VFR and MKSF. 2,000 + effects, transitions and titles, and with NevBlue Video Essentials IV, spectacular movies anywhere themonline device or drive the action.

New! multi-camera editing

New! Audio interview balanced and sound ducking back

New! Optimizatua6an generation Intel processor

New! Premium effects NevBlue

Improved! live out

4K Ultra HD support,including KSAVCM

2,000 + effects, transitions and templates

Borders track the exact frame assembly

iZotope Music Speech Cleaner

What’s new Pinnacle StudioKrajnata 19:

multi-camera editor

laneanbideo 6 video cameras to create more dynamic. editor with multiple cameras to show your photos, turn the corner, cut and remove, and add transitions. Any duplication or use markers to automatically align images, date / vremeili eskuliburuasinkronizazioa. Even using your resultswith multiple cameras to create a picture-in-PictureEfekat.

NevBlue bonus effects, now with Video Essentials IV

Explore the creative limits of more than 800 presets and more than 65 plug-in options from industry leaders NevBlue. bonusPaketot honetanIrudiak stabilization tools, creative effects, and includes exciting translations.

Remove unwanted noise and enhance sound

iZotope Music and Speech Cleaner easily removes unwanted noise audio and video files.Experience improved argitasunsoinu Improved!

KSAVCS4K and HD support

Rads KSAVC S, video-cameras MP4- based on the new standard, and support for resolutions up to 4K decoding 3840 of 2160 are included in this new release KSAVC.

4K Ultra HD video support

4K Ultra HD videos to produce amazing.

New Format Support

egitekoDVCPRO HD, MKSF import and VFR files najnoviteformati up new support.

Operating Systems:

Windows 10, Windows, Windows 7, 64-bit operating systemrecommended.

The new features of Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 19

Uverzija What’s new:

– stability and performance as well as several errors podobruvanjapostojnite daukaEzaugarri

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