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Counter Strike: Source

Counter Strike: Source

Counter Strike (CSS), is not the first person shooter PC severe competitive online game offline not quite. Although it was originally available as a free mod for Half-Life, now paid the full version of the couples.

What Counter Strike?

Counter-Strike Source is a remake originalaMod Half-Life basedthe Source engine krasivishe.Anekdoti lot, the original designer fashion snail sebuahtim Studio, which later became known as the creator of the Left 4 Dead games.
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Counter Strike gameplay remains the same. It focused FPS shooter throws a player or as a terrorist iliSpecijalne forces must fight eachwith others, trying to perform a number of tasks (keeping a hostage to save the hostages, for example). The ultimate goal is to win more rounds than the opposing team.

CAUTION: five minutes of play Counter-Strike: Source, and it is possible that social Andakehidupanće be a thing of the past. Counter Strike charm liesteamwork and strategy necessary to win. This will be a quick ratio (positive or negative) to establish with your team. You really feel like you are fighting for the goal to save the world or destroy it. all Tomada Counter Strike-high water levels dliakonkurentni online games.
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series Faceliftneed

One of the main attractions of Counter-Strike: Sourceadalah his card. Most of this remake the original mode (for example, cs_italy or cs_italy). But whether new or old, each card in CSS pozivanaučite how to dominate all the secret is to find Nook, crannies and errors usedto ensure victory. No hibaobman game.

As previously mentioned, the CSS uses the Source engine (as seen in Half-Life 2). The result is a visual game that is more powerful, extensible and prilagodljivsa possibility of adding effects such as biasapemetaan, mapping, HDR, and even physics in physicsHavok engine.

Fortunately, this time the old CSS so even with the visual improvements vipotriben powerful computer to enjoy the game.

Counter Strike is the first in an exclusive serijiVentili Steam platform. This quantum leap in relation to online dating, but many users do not create a devoted No-Steamversion of Counter-Strike: Source. We do not recommend, although tongkatuntuk official version.

Are you ready to understand his success?

Counter Strike is the best in the series, a najboljiulazna point for new players. Wondering why this series has so many followers? No need to watchstill, download now.

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