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FL Studio Producer Edition 11

FL Studio Producer Edition 11

FL Studio 11

Fl Studio 11 music software environment produced complete, which is more than 14 years of development, innovation and dedication of our life free. Everything you need in one package to incorporate, organize, record, edit, and mik master professional quality music.

fl studio11 is the fastest way from your brain to the tongue.

Fl studio 11 What can he do?

* Edited audio manipulation including izmeneteren, switching, harmonization, Time Stretch, beat detection and audio burning variance and standard audio manipulation (cut / paste, etc.).

* Automatic interface andparametriSvi addition to recording, drawing, spline curves with automatic generator that automatically controls the bond prescription.

* Host Dawes as a VST or connected through another hunt.

* Playing live music, including the impact of video.

* Mik mik and audio including apply soundeffects in real time, including delay, reverb and filter.

* Sound track snimkado limit input audio interface.

* Capture input igračSnimanje MIDI Keyboard, drum pads and control.

* Sequence and cycle lines as possible.

* Synthesizer and effect of addition of hosting VST 32 64 bit, DX and traditionalFL.

Major new features

– effective systemic Trigger Playlist Clips live using a mouse, touch screen, keyboard or MIDI control. Support APC20 / 40, Launchpad, lemur, block machine / micro padKONTROL, Traktor Kontrol (and others).

‘multi touch support – fl studio and some accessories now reactthe multi-touch gesture support funkcijeMicrosoft.

-Plailist -. 199 song playlist, increased by 99

– Integration component input port Midi – now connect MIDI input port is used to avoid a conflict between the controls.

-Plejlistu and piano rolls -. Horizontal and vertical lockHorizontal movement is locked Ctrl Shift Lock set for moving objects.

– Piano Roll – adhesive notes, the speed of the mouse wheel, forms and tools Monophonic step Sekaakordi.

– Right-click-entrance control most now allows the ability to click print.

– Selection plug – and the right to memoryopen the browser. Start typing the name of accessories to highlight the record.

– Mixer – Page Up / doleStrelice cycle through the windows in the current music mixer.

– Options – Play truncated picture taking on the tape coincides with the slices in other forms. Press and hold functions. Lifelevel GUI now choose trezanZabava.


– Bassdrum – Deep knowledge Bass synth percussion step example. Bassdrum It was developed as a result of customer demand for a strong and powerful blows with a large bottom. Our solution is to get off the main road and / samples to provide usersunlimited voice perfect rhythm.

– (drum machine, synth) GMS – synthetic blend timbral reserve clause raised from Groove. Amendments to the needs of others.

– Effector – 12 tracks the effect of: Distortion, Lo malkunamaluvanje, power, phase, filtering (low / miss), the delay,reverb, stereo move binaural effect, gates, granules, and the vocal Formant of adjustment rings. Effector present praised the performance of the government and is perfect for use with touch screen and controls.

-Patcher – Introduction to FL Studio 10 to provide a method for recording and review of the impactchain of general use and new plug, except that the recovered connecting animated and interactive Nev.Patcher win two more to come, sound effects (VFKS).

– VFKS Key Mapper – Allows the use of live piano roll or brush, keichanged, chorded or creative revised.

– VFKS color mapped-Nottingham fl studio 16 Piano roll note the color traditionally prostorMidi. Now paint the Patcher note can control 16 independent generator / engine manufacturer or group

Equipment Update

– Flovstone – Flovstone is the successor to the original Rubi Sinthmaker.Segaincluding high-level programming jezika.Ne only can you create synthesizers, effects, but also to control external hardware support for USB devices, I / O cards, Wi-Fi camera and sound. Her real relationship with real robots fl studio merely a first in the world, you can nowmake coffee!

– Newton 2 – is a complete Re: writing a new analysis engine for precise pitch and also convert your workflow. I mouse actions now Voll rollFlorida GarsonieriPijano and sheet music, where possible. The most exciting is the editor of vibrato and deform. Vibrato editor allowsusers to create vibrato effect zero control, including Start / End and frequency. Editor and check vibrato existence and display this value to users can correspond to a natural tendency, if desired. Editor’s base is designed to work Chamonix or polyphonic materialand is perfect for cutting and Re :. period / quantization loop drum, vocal performance and experimental zasounddesign perfect Importantly, Newton 2 update is for free for customers who already have.

– Harmor – Progressive planet scenaAnd Dubstep increase voted in the top 10 supplements by 2013MusicRadar readers now support complex VT Vavetable ‘Area Map buttons “Sampling is a function of its own objective garbage Slicek manager drum Number of storage continues to grow too.: Patch keep flooding in from prosperous.

– ZGameEditor Visualizer – on the basis of free kodZGameEditorcan create 2D and 3D video games complaint sharpness. ZGE Visualizer can create a real-time screen or video efekteHD in sync automatically or automatically with FL Studio projects to support or live video on YouTube-u. Fl Studio 11 under the plug shadier modulesnew video effects HD captivating.

– DirectVave- Add more original timbral mode FL native language, so you can download and play more of a patchwork of color impression during pijano.Theres also make sincinterpolation 16 points live a new low CPU usage DirectVave when used in bulkstanjutimbral.

What’s new? (15112013)

to send

-Added support for more control

-Updated “Sacco – Goldener”

Support remote YL

-Novation open control support

Support -DJ TechTools Mini Fighter 3D

Support -Electrik Tveaker

-Livid support CNTRL-R

support-base Livid


To createspecial line when they begin to withdraw the main toolbar

Compare unikodkarakteri search string constant

Constant control support

-control Area: fiked skaters after the large savings and load settings or music

-Control Surface: When a name tag width adjustment

-DrumSinthLive: save selection “automatically”

-Edison: Modified Drag / Drop search Florida

-FPC: CGF import projects new DV

-Nevtone: VAV bug fiked record (export only a few seconds)

-Nevtone: correction motor (Bugfikes, additional work is Florida playlist)

-Nevtone: Navigate with the arrow keys

-Nevtone:Bak restore some settings

-Patcher: Fixed emission of false editor GUI addition to following the takeover era

-Patcher: Is the “Notes” node module Florida enter into force version

-Patcher: Keep in mind that the Poly / off equipment affected

-Patcher: fiked preset buttons next / previous showssome accessories

-Patcher: SimSinth constant load in recorded music / settings

-Patcher: Fixed problem with presets SampleRate Sinth1

-ReVired: bug fiked editor hides extra

-ReVired: Fik counting device

Travel Wave Fixed bug nevidliviurednik show first Patcher

-Vrapper:fiked input accessories tastatureneki VST3

-Vrapper: Add support for context menus (some) VST plugins

-Vrapper: conflict remain MeldaProduction change parameters MCompressor (VST3)

-Vrapper: Fixed memory leak potential for accessories VST3

-Vrapper: update message from the call keyboard host (VST2)

-Vrapper:Buck improved parameters indicate interfaceless editor (VST2)

Fl Studio System requirements:

* 2GHz Pentium 4 / AMDAthlon 64 (or later) compatible processor with full support SSE2. Faster processor and more you have the more you can do for redom.Preuzmite and test the demo!

* In the 32 or 64-bit versionoperating system, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP (with Service Pack 3)

(Or); Intel Mac with Boot Camp / Windows. It works on XP (vith Service Pack 3), Vista or Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit)

* 1 GB of RAM or more recommended

* 1 GB of free disk space

Maps vozačimaDirect Sound. •ASIO / ASIO2 properly set for recording (fl studio ASIO4ALL driver installation bui)

Language: English


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