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While the proportion of people with mental disorders have long been fascinated duplicates and prevent Sciences, believes that some also may be manifested by physical characteristics that are unique to each personality, cognitive and physiological prism in one being. Although Kevin 23kepercayaan his personal psychiatrist, Dr. Fletcher has shown it remains flooding, which was created to build and dominate others. Forced to abduct three girls were ledby a deliberate, Case Analyst, Kevin reached a war for survival for everyone in it – and everyone in sekitaritu – how to break the wall between the next barrier.

Although Kevin (James McAvoi) has shown that 23 confident personality to a psychiatrist, Dr. Fletcher (Betty Buckley), still the flood, which was created to build and dominate others. Forced to abduct three girls remajadipimpin by casual observer Kevin Casei reachinga war to survive living under the listed numbers – and everyone – that the walls between the barrier was broken.

Hospital Village girl Amira went to the city to find work. He began working as a nurse in a hospital, or until it begins to persecute intangible whisper of a mysterious woman. He went looking for answers and found that his wife needs her help.

Languages: Malay

Classification: N.

General Information: March 13, 2017

Genre: Horror / Thriller

Expensive:Not available

Distributor: METROVEALTH

Cast: FatinAfeef, Sima Srbin Nina Iskandar, Fizz Fairuz

Director: Mohd Ghozali Azaromi

Format: 2D

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