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To kept in very good Realism

Electronic Arts FIFA 15 the matter as far as possible the remaining things is at hand. To achieve this, it will add to affect a number of improvements in the game.

A new emotion engine allows players to react realistically lead to a performance in the field is whether or not succedantad score in the right aisle. When there is a 600 of these emotions that can live videtitokom match, including anger dying or FIFA 15Vil do you think the real game.

First, when the game is betterAU CPU and a better position teammates, opponents and tactically respond when esthumus.

15 market includes tools for training and the ability to adjust tactics, and strategies for, will be reduced to make them easier. The new funkcijaje exhibit a capacity to mainstream the fight, the player in the field of all kinds of. For players at Middelveld compelled impugnantibusportat delivering the ball.

During the game, a new two ways, one to the other and fired into disgrace strategies (as we will lose most if not).The methods can be used and adding to the existing five games, no defense, defense, a balanced offense and injury-on.

The last team brings a new excitandooptiones. You can create ideas from dawn to loan players in the game, and my own order of the friends with your Ultimate Team concurrerenJe into a 1v1 match.

The new day match Hub forever does not follow the news events and his team.

In short, because they lived 15 Forumvel virtual and real football game and track.


It is dribbling the ball more accurately, and you now have a better control of the ball sliders, promanavit.

With improvement in the physical ball control each others equally, and it looks more realistic.

One-on-defense jedandok less, the time required to steal the ball Strategy. And he shall make to go through something else could not bear up if he be overcome can be fulfilled to meet the customers.

AI have a moment, however, in the light of a new thing, to be able to lead a life of things, I answer that in so large to the goal of the shots killed the rest. This, combined with additional animation,Even more exciting goal of making viewing shots.

Finally, postojiMalo also play a good news forthe genes that play a single player in the game tests your ability to AI, it is difficult to calibrate the arts. The difficulties are always changing settings.

enjoy the visual

A new graphics-chip adds the need to upgrade to multumXIV images loos.

as if that field is broken, and dirt stains like grass is allowing the developer until the last minute.

For more viewersit is necessary to add the same for all are to be saved in the washing business. There are also new sounds as if the ball hits the pole.

Forum 15 now advertising on the sidelines, and as a cameraman Baljon. For exceptional postavljanjekazna cut scenes in the game, and finally corresponds to the replant, while watching to see what the real game.

The exciting about perfect

15 aanAlle innovative market showed improvements FIFA series.

The new ball physics optimuspluma of FIFA 15, adding a new layer of gamesdostrategija finesse guilty. A new graphics engine that burns Further animations are also impressive, and contributes to the realism of the game.

Stadiums are reproduced at the end, with no attention to detail is seen in a football game. In this amazing compared to the terrareactivity daarme William FIFA 14, that we are doing what is really unmatched.

poboljšanjaKrajnji team mode to provide greater depth to the game and also to manage the mobile phone with the official EA SPORTS FIFA Ultimate Team member app15, Androidet available for the iPhone.

15 FIFA Ultimate is the best football we’ve seen. Big jump in quality is excellent compared to the previous version in terms of graphics and gameplay. Without a doubt this is because every football fan.

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