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Torrent RT Free

Torrent RT Free

The free app Torrent RT for Windows RT / 8 tablets, and it’s free. It uses MonoTorrent library that supports all current protocols BitTorrent clients are expected to have. He does not drain the battery as seriously as the other BitTorrent application and yet it canincrease bandwidthwithout fatigue. It also works without freezing tablet, without answering.

Clean interface and powerful tool to download

Torrent RTBesplatna tool requires very little setup.Like most torrent downloaders food, it’s good to go, once your installation is complete. sheIt runs on Windows 8 and also great is optimized for Windows, 10. This makes it possible to locate and open the links to download content and open magnetof web browser on your tablet. You can set the output limitation and, if you use data, and you can download the files directlya USB storage device, or SD-card for enhanced security. You can prioritize that downloadszavrsheniprvo, and has support for multiple torrent tracker.


You get everything you chakaetsez application download torrent powered using RT torrent FREE. namelythis apartment. He is a customizable tool that allowsto use torrents to download and share files. This makes them work without pushing the envelope and try something new, which is not bad. It works very well on Windows 10 and is a strong contender for those who are trying toselected torrent applications.

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