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Lightning McQueen intends to bring a new generation of customers, it is still the best racing car in the world. Blind new generation of buyers quickly, the legendary Lightning McQueen suddenly ousted from the game he loves. Returning to the game, it will support the efforts of young people racingprogram their own victory, inspired by the recent Fabulous Hudson Hornet with a few unexpected turns. Evidence that # 95 is not over yet, check champion’s heart in a big step PorshniSamaya Cup contest!

baadaakashindwav run upstart foreigner Jackson Storm (Army Humvee) all beginto wonder if we should not go to Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson). But electricity is not ready to throw the towel and one guest – Cruz Ramirez (Krystel Alonso) – zamanimbwa going to learn some new tricks and trying to get back to Florida 500.

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