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Firefox 64 bit

Firefox 64 bit

Those who are upgraded to the version of the 64-bit operating system to do something for one simple reason: we must be able to efficiently handle large amounts of the RAM processor. For those who have this particular requirement, it is a safe bet that,When they were looking for a web browser, you need to quickly and efficiently and safely. Therefore Mozilla Firefox now produces a 64-bit 64-bit version of the open-source web browser of the voles.


Firefox software is open source. This means that any person canUse the source code to develop their own version without the additives they want to deal with. As a result, the 64-bit version of Firefox has all the benefits of a consumer product prize: AD blocking antivirus software and a Flash Player cache location, managedUser. The program also allows users to update the browser your mašinamanađu allow for a large adjustment. 64-bit version of the city at night, which means that it builds avtomatigheb functionality or any changes in the source code.

Product differences

Because theThe source code is the same as for any other version of Firefox Firefox 64-bit functionality is the same. This means that those who have a 64-bit operating system continue to benefit from brzinepouzdanost and Mozilla Firefox.

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